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Masaaki Masao - "Blood Virus/Atheos" CS

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Image of Masaaki Masao - "Blood Virus/Atheos" CS
  • Image of Masaaki Masao - "Blood Virus/Atheos" CS

“...the pro-pressed cassette features two longform noise/drone pieces - both highly captivating and dynamic, cinematic even. The sonics, structural elements are diverse and slowly morphing - the pacing of the pieces is exquisite - we have an artist here with legitimate compositional abilities. I must admit that this was my introduction to the Masaaki Masao & I’m beyond impressed... Exceptional photographic art on the cover (of what appears to by sutures poking out of skin) by Anima Nocturna, and mastered by M.S. Waldron. I wholeheartedly recommend this release!” -Underground Tape Review, 11/7/17